The Most Wonderful Time…


The kids are back in school! The kids are back in school!

Okay, they were back yesterday, but I was too zonked to post.

So now I might actually get something done. IF, that is, my husband will stop playing with the kids’ toys long enough to let me think for two seconds. Husband + remote control helicopters + cats = utter chaos.

Have a good day, everybody.


4 Responses

  1. My husband was doing the happy dance yesterday as well. Now he can actually get some work done. :cheer:

  2. Congrats!! Only six more months before Jesse starts school and then I can join you in the happy dance. lol

  3. So I wasn’t the only one silly enough to buy remote control helicopters for the kids, huh? I was almost asleep last night when I heard a whirring sound and a muffled crash–my husband playing with them after the kids went to bed.

  4. lol Woot Darla! At least I’m not alone.

    And just wait, Rene. You’ll be happy dancing at first until you realize you get even less done with them gone than you did when they were home. I still have yet to figure out how that works.

    Here’s hoping at least C’s hubby got stuff done :teehee:

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