Project Run-away!

God in heaven, save us all from the evil ankle-biting yorkie of death, aka Victoria. In comparison, my ol pal Priss-chin seems positively stable.

And um, the screaming you heard at the end of the show was me protesting the outcome. Not only do I think [spoiler] got the shaft, but I think Ricky’s already had his fair share of second chances, thank you very much.

Best moment: Steven mimicking Tim.
Worst moment(s): Every single second Bitchtoria was on screen. Seriously, doesn’t everyone in the world know someone like her and just… really want to punch her ALL the TIME?

A close runner up was Jillian’s ceaseless whispering, but… whatever.

Gotta try to sneak a little more work in tonight. Behave yourselves.


One Response

  1. Wah! Chris is gone. Can’t discuss it right now…still a bit verklempt. /sniffle

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