My Two Favorite Subjects

Long day ahead, so I’m digging out from beneath about 24″ of snow to say two things:

  1. :wtf: But why is the Norrington gone?
  2. :holybah: Hershey’s Hot Cocoa Creme Kisses are fabulous. Mwah.

Okay, maybe one more thing: :bic-hok:


One Response

  1. 2 feet? Damn, we only got 5-6″.
    Norrington is gone because he FINALLY made a good choice. I LOVE his final line about how their lives were intertwined but never met –or something. (we watched for 3rd time last night, bwahahahahahahahah)

    But doesn’t Will look hot….after? *sweats*

    I want Hershey Hot Cocoa creme kisses! We saw them at Kroeger when my budget was already busted and they were $3.29/bag. Just couldn’t bring myself to substitute them for… gasp…real food. That shall be my weekend—-hey, look another reason to go visit Emma….. *hits mapquest for directions and then pops Jeep into Four Wheel Drive*

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