Things I Learned On Vacation

I’m not on vacation but das husband is, and y’all know what that means. I’m getting… nothing done.

RE: Runway.

Okay, yeah, it looked like a members only jacket, but come on, already. It shoulda been Sweet Pea. Who was she trying to dress? Quasimodo? Tiki’s neck isn’t that big.

Though on that note, I nearly died laughing when Heidi cracked up about people staring at Tiki’s behind. “Guys have the same problem we do.” Um, not. Nice save, Heidi. Really. Who wasn’t staring at his behind?

Anyway, my top three remain intact: Chris, Steven, and Rami.


3 Responses

  1. I didn’t agree with Jack’s win, personally, although I thought he did a bang-up job with what he had accomplished. I would have given it to Kit, instead. Fleece sports coat? Dang! That would make a *killing* at Wal-Mart. :feint:

    Christian and his 80s retro spawn-o-teh-debil clothes need to stop. I think he’s got talent…but it’s like he’s straining it through a Pointer Sisters soundtrack. Now Rami wasn’t all THAT far away from the Member’s Only rack himself, but at least his was well-executed. It threw me that Elisa wouldn’t look at her model when he was changing. I would have voted her most likely to live in a nudist camp, actually.

    The episode with SJP was pretty funny. $15?!? Now THAT’S more like a challenge. And I think Little Earth-Bunny Foo Foo and Sweet P should have won that one.

  2. Holy freak! Did you see Monday Night Football tonight?!? /faint I really, really thought the Ravens were going to pull that off.

  3. /scream-laughing at Pointer Sisters. lol too classic.

    And no, I didn’t watch. I watched the Closer, then worked. You know, because I’m boring.

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