I was messing around last night and redid the background.

I loved it. :flex: And then…

I scrolled and felt like I was gonna fall out of my chair. :rofl2:

We’ll have to vote. Like the new one? Scroll sickness?


2 Responses

  1. :bs:

    Methinks you play too much and write to little. Are you done yet? Can I read it yet? Huh?

    The site’s fine. You wanna tinker, lemme send you–no, no, you won’t see that as a joke and you’ll rebuild my site too…. :sumo:

  2. I like the plaid do-hickies. I liked the other backrgound as well. Like Me, and er, Mel, you do tinker around too much. Yes, I know, pot calling kettle, but my tinkering has more to do with the other job….

    Whatcha writing?

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