It Makes No Sense

Why does someone like me, who would rather live in Cuddle Duds and mules than Chanel and Manalos, love Project Runway?

I don’t understand it. Infighting/drama annoys me and I wouldn’t know cutting-edge fashion if it… well, cut me. Nonetheless, tonight at 9 pm Central I will be glued to the tube for Project Runway’s Season 4 premiere.


Back tomorrow to discuss, no doubt.


2 Responses

  1. For me it’s something about watching them make weird stuff out of paper or some odd theme or whatever. It’s kind of fun seeing them fumble around too.
    Yeah, all the fashion terms are Greek to me, but I do enjoy it. Have you seen “The Shot” yet? That one is about photography. I’ve liked that one even more.
    I hate admitting that I’m truly shallow.

  2. Heh. Sometimes, there’s no substitute for shallow.

    And you know, I was thinking about it earlier, and I swear half the allure is Tim’s contemplative look (followed by borderline bitchy comments) and the fact that Heidi’s so cute yet so very, very evil. You know how much I like that.

    For an added bonus, there’s no Jeffrey this time. Not that someone won’t step up to take his place as resident cow, but still.

    But upon further thought, I’m half tempted not to watch until the marathons start. I like it better that way.

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