Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. Sometimes, I am such a geek, I scare myself.
  2. These will be this year’s Christmas ornaments.
  3. Some people got no business naming groups.
  4. It’s hard to come up with an Emma-oriented reverse acronym of PUKE. Best I came up with was People Unkindly Killing Emma, but that won’t do at all.

Have a great week, everybody.


7 Responses

  1. The ornaments are tres cool! Have bookmarked the page myself; thanks for the link. And, to me, BARF stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food…it’s the preferred diet for our two grumpy cats and they thrive on it. I recommend the regime for anyone who has furry friends. Er, Pissed Up Killer Emma? Pretty Ultra Karate Emma? Please Untie Kind Emma? ::snort::

  2. Oh I want those ornaments! But I don’t think I’ll be able to make them. I may have to put my children to work!

  3. Okay, this falls under the heading of “crafts” and I don’t do crafts. LOL.
    However, I can put my brains onto some lovely names for you and see what happens.

    Buy All Books By Lovely Emma (B.A.B.B.L.E.)
    Emma Rocks Every Continent Truly (E.R.E.C.T.)

    Want me to keep going? LOL.

  4. X-Wing origami?!? lmao! Sadly, I actually know of another person who can appreciate such things, and will be passing said link along.

    However, here is another crafty little link for those who knit:

    Bookmarked for the same individual who will go all geeky on the origami instructions. :teehee:


  5. lol @ cat barf. I swear we need to start a bulimia support group for poor old Paganini.

    Christine, you should try it yourself — it’s not that hard, and it’s actually really relaxing. (which might be of particular interest to your moving, workaholic self)

    :teehee: ERECT? lol perfect

    And Doni? Remember me trying to knit? No? Well, there’s a good reason for that, other than the fact that yarn + cats + string in lap = string bitten in half, antibiotic cream and bandaids.

    Who’s my fellow SW geek?

  6. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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