Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. :eyeroll: NOOOOOOOOOOO! Not another one. Come on, already.
  2. :bored: The threat of snow is nearly as bad as actual snow.
  3. :bored: Working eighteen hours over a weekend makes Emma a dull girl. It makes her eyes hurt, too.
  4. :wtf: There’s no school today.
  5. :banghead: I can :censor: up a sentence like nobody’s business.
  6. :indif: Vista is not the devil. Vista is, in fact, the devil’s boogieman.
  7. The Anniversary Bash was fun, but now I need a weekend from my weekend :teef:

    I’ll be back a little later to announce the contest winner. We drew it last night but World War III’s been afoot between the boys since Friday.

    Someone come scare them into a cease fire. Pretty please?


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