Fair Warning

It’s Samhain Publishing‘s second anniversary this weekend, and we’ll be celebrating over at the Samhain Cafe.

There will be tons of excerpts and giveaways over the next few days. Christyne and I will be putting in an appearance from 1-2 pm Saturday, November 3rd.

BUT (there’s always a but) since the cafe is, in fact, a group, God knows when or if group messages will actually appear to the loop. So I will be conducting the contest-type stuff over here on the blog where things will be a bit less wild.

Check back Saturday for the contest-thread where I’ll be giving away a download of The Living Legend. If I have enough time before then, I may even resurrect the chatbox for the event.

(Just so you know, I typed “catbox” instead of “chatbox” the first time. Yowza. :teehee:)

See you then!


5 Responses

  1. at least you said cat box and not cat house,,,,

  2. and oh yea,, that 1 to 2 time you announced,, is that Eastern? Central? Pacific? European?

  3. heh. That’s YAHOO time.

    But technically, 1-2 Central. 2-3 eastern.

    You should’ve seen the tears in my eyes when I realized it was “fall back” weekend and I thought for a moment I’d have to calculate that in. But… wrong day. Whew. :feint:

  4. Speaking of catbox, my laptop totally flaked on me last night, with error boxes and reboots and bears, oh my. I’m not usually that rude.

  5. Not to worry. All you missed was a couple hours of psychotropic drug and aetiological emotional dysregulation talk.

    Aren’t you glad it flaked now?

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