…And Research Derails A Perfectly Good Bad Mood

I had a good foul mood going this morning due to too much to do.

And then I found this.

It’s a YouTube gem. If you know me well enough — and most of you do by now — you’ll understand why this had me rapt for the entire, glorious 5 minutes and 41 seconds.

Listen. Watch. Understand why I still have the hots for a virtuoso/composer who died almost 200 years ago. (Yes, do refrain from reminding me of that whole “two years of sorrow” syphillis incident.)


6 Responses

  1. That. Was. Amazing. Thanks for sharing it. :notwrthy:

  2. Dangit, I spent 20 minutes there watching videos of violinists. I understand why you were spellbound.

    Made me wish I was still playing flute, or had a chance to learn violin (or piano) *sigh* music is such like writing, there are infinte number of notes and letters, but the way you put them together tells a complete, and unique, story.

  3. Damn, I can’t watch this at work. I’ll check it out when I get home tonight.

  4. Okay. My Thursday Thirteen is YOUR fault. You got me in the mood for all my favorites. I was on YouTube for at least an hour.

  5. The name Paganini will always and forever conjure up images of a certain black-and-white ‘fraidy cat. šŸ˜‰

    That’s YOUR fault! :karate: /harrumph

  6. We call him Skinny Old Man now. The cat’s a million years old, I swear. And he’s just as pleasant as ever, too.

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