Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. :yeyas: A book title
  2. :whine: Every story seems to have its own unique set of overused words. Killjoy’s current leaders are:
    • might
    • a bit
    • little
    • though
  3. 😳 I uncovered the cause of “Franken-tags”. They happen when I carve the living frejoles out of a dialogue scene and fail to notice every line left behind has a tag. Ugh.
  4. :wtf: We always want what we can’t get. In my case, that means a nice, linear plot idea.
  5. :whatthe: It’s almost Halloween. How did that happen?

4 Responses

  1. A nice linear plot idea,,, not in all the years I have known you. You don’t think in nice linear plots, so bite the bullet baby and write on.
    Oh and btw,, I have a serious dilema going here, so blog this,
    Maggoty Brains.. or Wormy Heart??
    to quote Johnny 5 “need input”…

  2. :banghead: Ah those dialogue tags. I found (after final edits and in the print errata) I had gutted a scene of unnecessary dialogue. The result? I had the hero saying the heroine’s name FIVE TIMES. ACK!!!! :freak:

    I’m an editing nightmare.

  3. Hey, Emma, the child who is obviously yours but inexplicably lives with me is starring on my blog right now. You seriously need to come and get him now.

  4. I try to start with a linear plot, but things just seem to happen. But we love reading yours, so don’t stop!!

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