So Much For That Whining Thing

Well. For all my whining, I’ve actually managed to make some progress.

I took a HUGE bite out of Book 2 today. I was supposed to be toiling away on the free read too and never got to it, but I’m cool with what I got done.

Now, if only this book would cough up a title… :bored:

Calling it “Problem Child” would be fitting on the one hand, but not at all on the other. “Pain In My Ass”, “I Blame Sven”, and “The Delete Key Is My Friend,” have been considered and rejected as well.

Beyond that, I’ve got nothing. I may have to scrounge up a couple betareaders for a title brainstorming session once I’m prepared to share my pain with others. :teef:


One Response

  1. I will volunteer to throw myself upon the grenade of emma’s writing to come up with a title. If my sacrifice is needed, let me know.

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