…And There Was Much MORE Rejoicing


I am SO spiking my mouse right now.

The rebuilt site is up and running, and everything appears to be working. I still have some housekeeping to do in the stylesheet but so what? It’s up!

If it weren’t 8:20 am, I’d be getting drunk.

Sadly, it is 8:20 am, people think I need to make them breakfast, and I have writing to do. :bored:

If you’re feeling so inclined, head over there and find some broken stuff for me. I tested as well as I could, but you know how that goes.

Have a good weekend!

EDIT TO ADD: Oh joy. Some columns broke in IE6 since the initial build. And I no longer care what time it is. I AM gonna drink. :tissue:

ONE MORE TIME: Fixed! (It helps when you take the firefox descrewifying borders out.)



4 Responses

  1. You should rectify the fact that you have no drinking icons. Sad state o’ affairs. :pout:

  2. :tyty: :cheer: :omg: :hug: :notwrthy: :yeyas:
    after all these years, you still manage to make my jaw drop,,, the new site looks fantastic. Great job.

  3. nicely done Emma – didn’t see any funkies when i did a quick browse! bravo! :tyty:

  4. WOOHOO Emma! Very nice job. Excellent site. :yeyas:

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