News? What news?

For Dayna, who’s sick of me not posting any news…

Sadly, I’m boring right now. Book 2’s just not “there” yet. Something’s lacking and it’s kind of hard to put my finger on, so I’ve been working on Book 3, the free read, and the site in between pondering bouts.

I’m not officially signing on for Sven this time. I could, because 500 words of something a day is law in this house, but keeping track of where those words were allocated would probably take more time than it took to write. And on top of the Mom/homework harpie grind we’ve got going on around here, that is…just not gonna happen.

Speaking of the homework grind, I’ve just been informed child #2 has a paper due tomorrow which, of course, he hasn’t even started. So guess what I’ll be doing for the next several hours?


Wish us luck.


3 Responses

  1. Good luck!

    Hang in there and don’t worry about those 500 words. They’ll show up where they are most needed.

  2. you, not svenning?
    surely you must be running a fever or something because you are the ultimate glutton for punishment.

    Fine then, sit back and laugh. I suppose its well earned.

    Good luck on that homework assignment. Don’t ask me about the hell that is my husband’s online communications class. :holybah:

  3. *squee* You blogged for me!

    Sorry the writing is only going so-so. Five hundred words would kick serious bum for me, too, which is weird because usually I sort of burn up the keyboard.

    And UGH on the last minute papers. I HATE that! We’ve had a few. 😦

    Good luck, hon. I’m rooting for you.

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