The Casting Armchair

In honor of Goose’s birthday, we’re doing Top Gun (1986) Happy Sweet Sixteen, girlie :hug:

The list:

  1. Maverick (Tom Cruise)
  2. Charlie (Kelly McGillis)
  3. Iceman (Val Kilmer)
  4. Goose (Anthony Edwards)
  5. Viper (Tom Skerrit)
  6. Carole (Meg Ryan)

3 Responses

  1. Maverick: my dad
    Charlie: my mom
    Goose: ME!
    Iceman: Nic Cage
    Viper: Keith Richards
    Carole (would have to be like, Carl or something cuz I’m a girl….): Johnny Depp

  2. Awwww, you remembered her birthday. Totally sweet of you. She’s totally digging this (I’m still lmao at her picks)… Top Gun is one of her favorite movies.

    Have we talked about her occupation choice of late? Fighter Pilot. yes. Serious. As in SUPER serious. As in talking to recruiters already about going to Westpoint or Air Force Academy…
    But she’s 16 (omg, she is???) and we’ll worry about that when she survives high school.

    Okay, as for my casting (tho I kinda like the concept of being Charlie, she’s a badass)…

    Maverick: A bulked up Josh Hartnett (like in Pearl Harbor)
    Charlie: Charleze Theron (did I spell that right?)
    Iceman: Brendan Frazier
    Goose: Matt Damon
    Viper: Viggo Mortensen
    Carole: Liv Tyler

    Oh that’s totally off the top of my head and the birthday girl is laughing her butt off at me, but that’s what it is. I’d like to see it happen… it’d be… interesting. 🙂

  3. Sorry. I stopped to daydream at the mention of Nic Cage, and now I can’t think

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