A Show Of Hands

Okay. Who bawled when the dog died?

*raises hand*

And who bawled because there’s no House next week?

*raises hand*



2 Responses

  1. :tissue: I cried like a baby.

    No House next week?!?! That’s not possible… :freak:

  2. 1. what’s up with no House next week?
    2. why is the chemistry between Camryn and House more believable than her and Chase when she and Chase are an item in real life, aren’t they?
    3. who else hates Camryn as a blonde?!
    4. who likes the new bossy chick, even though she’s a bitch?!
    5. who’s tired of emma not sharing her newsy news?

    OK. My work here is done 🙂

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