Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. :sumo: It’s really hard to write “serious” scenes with Monty Python songs stuck in your head.
  2. :drama: It’s even harder to write “serious” scenes while your eight-year-old reads sorting hat poems at the top of his lungs.
  3. :moo: It is possible to be grateful for bye weeks.
  4. :teehee: Livestock flung from fortresses is still funny, even the 900th time.
  5. :madcow: It’s best not to start work on a particularly dodgy scene after putting eggs on to boil.
  6. :bored: PMS + triptophan = narcolepsy.
  7. :teef: That last bit might have been TMI. Doesn’t make it any less true.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. As you can see, mine was relatively quiet in the usual total chaos sort of way.

Back tomorrow with a movie to recast.


10 Responses

  1. :freak: This sounds like my house. Of course, it’s VERY difficult to write a serious scene with Monty Python tunes in your head. “The Brave Sir Robin” or “Let’s Look On The Bright Side Of Life” LOL.

    I hear you.

  2. Throw the holy hand gernade!!!

    I need to have a good dose of Monty Python. I haven’t seen any of the movies in a long while. :teef:

  3. Ev’ry speeeeeeerm
    is saaaaaa-cred…

  4. It’s only a flesh wound

  5. I’ll have your leg!

  6. okay,, almost sorta serious question here,,, when you are reading the “about the author” paragraph, and they end with “I love to hear from my readers” etc. Do authors usually only mean the good stuff, or can I write and tell them they are a proper idiot and that if they are going to write about things that go boom, bang and projectiles sent through the air with force, that the term is ORDNANCE, not ORDINANCE. Ordinance are laws and codes that people use to keep other people from parking in the fire lane,, ordnance is the stuff that goes boom in the night. Just wondering? and don’t even get me started on dogs….

  7. Oh God. You’re not gonna be on about that again, are you?

    Have some coffee or something.

  8. have had 3 cups already,,, picked on winger already,,, so in the natural progression of things,, I had to come here to read what you were up to, but although I presented a specific heartburn of mine, is it truly tacky to write to a writer and let them know of glaring errors????

  9. and if you don’t answer I’ll sic the hare on you along with the Knights That Say Nii

  10. Feel free. I’ve a trojan badger at the ready.

    As to it being tacky to write to a writer about glaring errors? I guess it depends on how you do it. Diplomacy is always good, especially when it’s one letter vs god-knows-how-many editing stages and hands the book’s been through.

    Then again, I *am* from Minnesota, where we do guilt and unconfrontational behavior like no one else.

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