Speaking of Necessary Evils…

I started markup validation this morning :wtf:

If you know what that means, you know the joy. If you don’t, gimme all your chocolate or the html gets it. :karate: :teehee:

[Note: When someone asks you to convert blogposts to html as a workaround for wordpress’s horrendous dial-up loadtimes, be advised to run screaming at your earliest convenience.]

Anyway, a massive copyediting and code-polishing sweep stands between me and getting this dang site upgrade launched. I might bite the bullet and get Part 1 of the free read ready for launch.

Then again, I might not. In order to display excerpts in a reader-friendly format, I’ve had to cheat the CSS gods and make “p class” my own personal byotch. As fun as that sounds, it’s an extremely tedious business and may have to wait until after I’ve gotten books 2 and 3 sent off.

However, the excerpts look great and I’m mighty proud of myself for being such a clever little monkey. Plus I customized (read: “borrowed” and altered) a dead-sessy menu bar, I’ve got a site map, mobile-friendly page, and a lot of new content to show for the many hours dumped into this project. So it’s not all cheese-with-my-whine over here.

And now I’m off to feed people so I can spend the rest of the night writing. Hopefully it’ll get the taste of bad html out of my mouth. :drama:

See you tomorrow!


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