The Weekend Approacheth

All right. If you missed the news, it’s now official. Project Runway, Season 4, begins November 14th. Why it’s taken this long, I really couldn’t imagine. If you’re interested in meeting the contestants, you can find them here.

In other news, I’ll be spending my day on rewrites, then building a couple more website pages. Tres exciting.

Meanwhile, I’ve had something truly, deeply annoying occur: I dreamt a book title.

Not a plot or characters, mind. Just the title. To date, this has to be one of the muse’s most unforgivable acts of random cruelty.


7 Responses

  1. Must be a good title. :ptalol:

    Can I have it? :tease:

  2. LOVE the new blog, Emma! I suck at making rounds so I’m just seeing it now !

  3. Wellllldammit, You are not allowed to dream book titles until I get back to my own computer. My weekendeth will consist of getting up at 4 am, on sunday, don’t even roll your eyes, I know that is when I normally go to bed but blame it on Winger, and then getting my arse in a plane for 12 hours. Also, did i miss something with no TT???

  4. oh yea,, a question? I knew I forgot something,, what does it mean when you are reading a book written by that other person and published on the other channel, and the characters just irritate the living :censor: outta me !!!!! :holybah:
    I’m just too much of an Emma fan I guess, I know how much work she puts into her plots, characters and research,, THANK YOU

  5. I paid her a lot to say that. :teehee:

  6. Hi Mom, I’m back. Flight sucked. I survived.

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