The Casting Armchair II

Oh yes, I will go there.

This week’s selection is… StarWars Episodes IV-VI: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi. Recast it, we will.

Oh No She Di'int

This is a bit tricky — there were a lot of roles to work with, but with so many non-humanoid/full-makeup (like Chewy, R2D2, C3PO, etc) there’s a surprisingly low number of ppl to mess with.


  1. Luke Skywalker
  2. Han Solo
  3. Princess Leia de Organa
  4. Darth Vader (voice)
  5. Ben Obi-Wan Kenobi
  6. Uncle Owen Lars
  7. Aunt Beru Lars
  8. Boba Fett
  9. General Dodana
  10. Lando Calrissian
  11. Palpatine/The Emperor

6 Responses

  1. I’ve hit the first snag in this blasphemous endeavor — I keep picturing David Spade as Luke. :wtf:

    Dunno whether to laugh or…laugh.

    But I’m all about Taye Diggs for Boba Fett (who needs way more screen time sans helmet)

  2. Now this is hard.

    Gerard Butler as Han Solo…me as Princess Lea…

    Screw the rest of the cast.


  3. Must be a Taye Diggs kinda day…looking forward to seeing him tonight on Private Practice. :teef: I have to think about this one.

  4. OMG, Al Pacino as Obi-Wan.


    Shia LeBouf as Luke. (Transformers)

    Mark Wahlberg is the only other Han Solo I’d take.

    Kate um…whatsername from Underworld and Pearl Harbor as Leia. (Well, maybe not. She’s a bit older than Shia and that kind of kills the twin thing.)

    Darth Vader’s voice? Dubya, once his term’s over. Seriously, think about it. How funny would that be? Play Vader’s words in your mind with Dubya’s voice. I’m dying over here.

    His aunt and uncle should be Kathy Bates and Jack Nicholson ’cause they’re boring as hell in the original and that’s just not necessary.

    Boba Fett, hmmm….Cheney, cause the armored suit would help hide the fact we’ve been watching Weekend at Dick’s for several years now.

    Who the hell is General Dodana? Male? Female? Hell, have Dustin Hoffman play that one.

    Lando…Owen Wilson. He’d be awesome in that role.

    Palpatine—Mandy Patinkin, because him as the evil guy and Al Pacino as the good guy would rock.

    I got ’em all! :flex:

  5. OMG, I have to change mine to Mandy Patinkin doing Vader, because then he could say:

    My name is Anakin Skywalker. I am your father. Prepare to die.

  6. OMG, I suck at this but am DYING at Shan’s suggestions.

    Kate is Kate Beckinsale. I’m in love with her hair, my husband’s in love with her body. Just sayin’.

    Too funny.

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