Things I Learned This Weekend

  • :banghead: Never tell your children when you’ve done something stupid.
  • :whine: The only thing more annoying than cross-browser rendering issues is browser snobs.
  • :yeyas: The new season of House starts Tuesday.
  • :wtf: There can be no place on earth with weather more schizo than Minnesota. Fifty degrees for a high one day, seventy for a low the next, and ping-pong-ball-sized hail in between, just to keep things exciting.

I’m cutting this short because I’ve a ton of laundry to fold.

I spent the weekend making huge in-roads on the remainder of the new website stuff. So now I’ve a lot of writing work to catch up on — Please send caffeine.

Anyone do anything good this weekend?


4 Responses

  1. I really, really can’t wait for House to start. The only other show I’m super excited for is the start of CSI. I want to know what everything is going to think of Grissom and Sara as a couple!

  2. *sigh* I”m with you, Christine. I want to put an hourly countdown on my site, but that might be excessive.

    Emma, I have laundry too. I’m hoping if it’s left long enough, fairies will take it and do it for me. So far, no. Lazy fairies.

    Get the new site up. Inquiring minds wanna know and all.

  3. I’m jealous,, I won’t get the new season of House until July,, so no spoilers guys. well maybe little ones. anyway, back to the land of lederhosen and kraut on sunday. as for the laundry fairies,, they all moved to Montana, smaller population there.

  4. I’ll do you a favor and not move to Montana. I’m afraid Mt. St. Laundry would follow me, wherever I went. :tissue:

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