An Oldie Butt A Goodie

I’m necroing this picture, just for fun today. It always makes me laugh. Feel slightly nauseated, too, but a girl can’t have everything.

Oh Dear GAWD

I think this calls for a caption contest, don’t you?


13 Responses

  1. :hmm: Got crack?

    My brain is mooshie today. I’ll ponder this while I take my gma to the dentist. :freak:

  2. the obvious comment is a paraphrase of the menu item from Denny’s “moon over my hammy”, but since that is one of my fav breakfasts, I really hate to wreck my day that way. So, how about the oldie from Dean Martin, “When the MOON hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s AMORE.

    oh quit groaning, you know you love me anyway

  3. lol yeah, I do

    Except now I can’t quite get the idea of that moon hitting my eye.


  4. Oh, how The Fabio has fallen! Must’ve been all that “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.”

  5. EW!
    That’s all I have :ptalol:

  6. How about, “Crack open a romance.”

  7. omg rae


  8. Hey! I JUST saw your photo on your site (how long’s it been there anyway?) You’s boo’ful!

    And scuse me, did you just post at the Samloop you’s NY pubbed, too? Spill the beans, chica. *looks threatening*

  9. awwww ty

    and wait until the new site’s done. All will be revealed :sneer:

  10. dammit,, rae,, that was a coffee spitter worthy of emma herself,!!!

  11. Wait? Patience? pfffffffffffft Apparently you have me confused with some OTHER Canadian writer you love and adore. :teef:

    *sigh* wait wait wait.

  12. Glad I could oblige. And I know all. :teehee:

  13. “Just say no to crack!”

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