It’s Almost 9 O’Clock. Do You Know Where Your Router Signal Is?

:wtf: I don’t. It’s gone completely mental for some reason, so I’m typing fast while it’s pretending to stay connected. I just know the second I hit publish it’ll pull a Lucy VanPelt. :ptalol:

:teef: In the news… did you know Romancelandia is having a baby today?

[Side note: Why is it ppl smoke cigarettes after sex, but smoke cigars after a birth? :hmm: Tell me there’s nothing Freudian about that. Like maybe an unfortunate sizing comparison.]

Also, Sven’s still got us in his sweaty grasp for six more days. I’m almost done with two projects, thanks to him. But of course, when I say “done” I mean “Thank God this first draft is almost done but omg does it suck”. So it’s good news and bad, really. It’s nice to have a draft to work with, but rewriting can be…:whine::tissue::drama::feint::tpoccy:

All right. I’m off to a memorial service this weekend. Allegedly. One of my darlings gave me a cold. You know, a little something to remember them by while they’re in school. Aren’t they sweet? Always thinking of me, they are.

Enough rambling from me. I’m off to work. Have a good weekend, everyone.

5 Responses

  1. ha! do we share a router? I haven’t been able to stay online to save my life today.

    It’s so isolating!

  2. :flowers: :hug: Hang in there. I hope you feel better and don’t have too much to rewrite.

  3. Woman! Where have you been!?!? No wonder I couldn’t find you, you’ve gone all Pamela Anderson-Lee-Anderson-Ritchie-Anderson on me and changed your name! /huff

    Not pregnant, not quite sane, but I’m hangin’. Drop me a line. :flowers:

  4. Ooh, you stuck with Sven! I’m so impressed. I managed for 6 days. I know- woeful- hanging my head in shame.

  5. OMG! Doni! That is so weird… I was just thinking about you two days ago for reasons I’ll disclose only by e-mail :angel

    Dayna– Charter Comm, perchance? Dang. I really need a *shakes fist* smilie.

    Heya Jenn. No worries–I whine about re-writing but you know how it is. I’m one of those for whom the real work happens in that stage, so it feels good to make progress even if it’s tedious, ya know?

    Babe, yeah, I stuck with him and vomited out pages like furballs, but soon it’ll be time to clean up the mess. Honestly, I think if I’d slowed down a bit, I’d have been better off, but… Whatever. If I repeat the process I’ll be smarter about it next time.

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