Can’t Blog. Freezing.


Okay, I could blog. But I have nothing to say for myself, other than brrr, and who wants to hear that?

Tell me something good.

3 Responses

  1. um. How bout if I share my warmfuzzy blankie? Cuz we have a new furnace and no fuel for it, so I can run the A/C no prob…but heat? No ma’am. *sigh*

    I haven’t pestered in a while so…how’s that sequel comin? :teef:

  2. I got the release date for my Quickie last night. December 14th will see the release of Chasing Phoenix!! You won’t need a blanket to read that one…

  3. Oo Oo – If you need warming up – go check out the hunks at Six Degrees of Sexy. Oh crap. How do I link?

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