Things I Learned This Weekend

It’s the first day of school!

  1. It is possible to survive an entire summer at home with children.
  2. Never download beta video drivers and expect anything to work.
  3. Liquid crystal television screens can and will throw off enough heat to create cement out of peanut butter.
  4. If allergic to dust, never attempt to level Mt. St. Laundry in a single day. You will regret this action.
  5. It is possible for three children to bring all the dirt in the county home from grandma’s house, attached to their face, hair, and ankles.
  6. Cats, powerstrips, and autosave do not mix. Werd!
  7. It is considered rude to camp overnight by the schoolbus stop; at least close enough that your tent blocks the view from neighboring tents.

6 Responses

  1. :hemi:
    So, Um, no tears of sadness and clinging to mom’s (or kids) pantlegs when it was time to go? No returning home with slumped shoulders and wondering what you were going to do all day with the SILENCE?

    Just think. Fridge is all yours. You have full control of the DVD player, the video games, the stereo and computer. When’s the party start again?

  2. :cheer: Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! I was THRILLED as I watched my boys take off on the bus that second morning (I drove them the first. This required a bra. Not as thrilling)
    I know EXACTLY what I’m gonna do with the silence.
    You go girl. I want another book.

  3. Mel, be serious. I started to watch a movie, then slept through most of the silence. (I know. Shocker.)

    And thanks, Jenn, for making me choke on my water. Early morning bra-trips suck.

  4. Mine go back tomorrow, and I know my husband is excited. He’s the stay-at-home parent and had a very busy summer.

    Me…I’m on vacation this week, so I’m looking forward to three days to write without, “Mom, can you come see this. Mom, I want a snack. Mom I picked my nose.”


  5. On the same note, Emma, you need to check out what The Redneck Mommy said about it.
    Go here

  6. ow.

    My cheeks and stomach hurt now, thank you ever so much.

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