I Know. I Can’t Believe It, Either

OMG I’m doin’ a meme! Who knew?

Kaz Augustin tagged me for the Meme of Four. You answer the questions, add one of your own and pass it along. Here are my answers…and additional question:

Four jobs I’ve had or currently have in my life:
1. Cosmetics Sales
2. Jewelry Sales (huge shocker, right?)
3. Bartender
4. Purchasing Agent’s Slave

Four countries I’ve been to:
1. USA (a lot)
2. Spain (twice)
3. Belgium
4. Canada (I was young and needed the money. I’m kidding,people)

Four places I’d rather be right now:
1. San Sebastian, España
2. Tiffany’s, NYC
3. An office with an electrified doorknob
4. Lake Embry, Minnesota (fictional. Don’t ask)

Four foods I like to eat:
1. Mandarin oranges
2. Corn on the cob
3. Chocolate
4. …Chocolate. Yeah.

Four personal heroes, past or present:
1. Joseph Campbell
2. Danny Elfman
3. Mozart
4. JK Rowling

Four books you’ve read or are currently reading:
1. Tangled Autumn by Betty Neels (you knew she’d crop up)
2. First Impressions by Jeffrey Archer
3. Angels Fall by Nora Roberts (recent)
4. The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Burgakov (TBR again)

Four words or phrases you would like to see used more often:
1. Please
2. Thank you
3. “Ma, I’m goin’ ta bed”
4. “Honey, the third bathroom’s ready”

Four reasons for ending a friendship:
1. S/he ate my chocolate
2. S/he is high on self-importance and low on self-awareness
3. S/he doesn’t like the :freak: smilie
4. S/he cheats in the Sarcasm Olympics Medal Round

Four smells that make you feel good about the world:
1. Clinique’s Happy
2. Pumpkin Pie
3. Sun-bleached wood
4. Freshly mown grass (until the allergies kick in)

My question! Four Movies You’ve Seen More Than Four Times:
1. Pride and Prejudice (A&E/BBC Version)
2. Spiderman II
3. Clueless
4. Better Off Dead

1. Melani Blazer
2. Imogen Howson
3. Heather Rae Scott
4. Jessica Jarman /poke

(You’re welcome. You can pay me in chocolate for the blog topic)


7 Responses

  1. :flowers: She got me, too.

  2. DANG! I forgot about Clueless!!!! I love that movie. And “Ten Things I Hate About You”.

    And I love the :freak: smilie.

  3. oh, you suck. I’ll work on this tonight.

  4. Mwaahahahahahaha. Thanks for that, Em! Bartender, huh? You and I just GOTTA meet up sometime! We’ll get Dayna to bring the RPs(*).

    (*) Can mean a few things. In this particular context, stands for Recreational Pharmaceuticals.

  5. Seems to me I remember a scheduled date with Harry Winston and Capt Morgan. You can put that under heroes and smells. Heading back to San Diego in the am. I’ll call you when I get there.

  6. Mmmm Harry.

    And ‘kay. Say hi to dad for me.

  7. Ooh, you got me. I’ll put this up soon!

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