Freshly ripped off from Rhian — I took the quiz(zes).

You’re Siddhartha!
by Hermann Hesse

You simply don’t know what to believe, but you’re willing to try anything once. Western values, Eastern values, hedonism and minimalism, you’ve spent some time in every camp. But you still don’t have any idea what camp you belong in. This makes you an individualist of the highest order, but also really lonely. It’s time to chill out under a tree. And realize that at least you believe in ferries.

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And…………… Wait for it… Wait for it…

You’re Giuliani-Brownback!

As Rudy Giuliani, you are possibly the American who benefited most from September 11th. While no one could say you are happy about this event, it turned your life from one of the worst to one of the best overnight. That terrible day made everyone forget your flaws and consider you a brave and heroic soul, even though you didn’t even handle that day all that well. You’re a little older now, and are ready to bring your lacking management skills to bigger and better venues… this time, without hair.
You select Sam Brownback as your running mate to appease the Christian Coalition.

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God, I hope my Mom doesn’t see that. But el Jeffe must be SO proud.

And then we have this:

You’re North Dakota!

You are rather remote, and even inaccessible to the average person. While many would thus describe you as stuck-up, to you it seems more like you’re just stuck. When no one is looking, you yearn to engage in 19th-century European political subterfuge. When looking for peace, head for the garden. But please, be extremely careful around wood-chippers.

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Can you hear the squeals of laughter about subterfuge and woodchippers? It’s like they’re reading my mind! No more plotting problems for me, man. Ever. True Story.

You’re a Stuffed Animal!

Everybody loves you, though most of them are truly ashamed to admit it. You love children most of all, though you’re not really all that expressive of your emotions. You’re not terribly active, and end up spending altogether too much time in bed, although most people secretly suspect that you really love to take trips and travel around. A kid at heart, you’d be a lot better off if no one ever grew up. You are most annoying when stuffed into the back of a car.

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:sumo: Not. But still funny.

Your turn!


3 Responses

  1. Heh! I’m California! I like this much better than “Lolita”
    In many ways, you are larger than life and almost defy description. You certainly love to shake, rattle, and roll with the best of them. You have a generally sunny disposition, but are capable of resorting to harsh extremes when pressed. You are more likely than most to become rich, or famous, or perhaps both. While you have the golden touch in so many regards, your respect for actors is a little over-zealous. This endless faith in actors needs to be terminated. :bs:

    Politically I’m: Sanders-Sheehan (who the hell is he?)
    As Bernie Sanders, you have built a life out of being on your own. While you would occasionally compromise in who you associated with, you generally kept a hard line against spending much time at all with anyone else in your place of work. This kind of isolation was actually, ironically, in the interests of serving socialist goals. Now you’re going to a slightly smaller company, but you still expect to be more or less on your own. Only time will tell if people come to their senses and start believing the way you do. You select Cindy Sheehan as your running mate to distract the Republicans. :freak:

    and finally – the big winner of the day: I’m a Cheetah!
    You are fast. Really fast. So fast, in fact, that many people may never see you as you pass them by. You definitely have your soft spots, or maybe just a lot of spots in general. You’d like to think of them as freckles. When others say your name very quickly, you think they’re accusing you of something. Wahoo!!!!!

  2. Commie! :rofl2:

    omg this is the most fun I’ve had all week.

  3. I’m just not as bright as the others here, but I have to say in regards to the blurb for Siddhartha,, I know I believe in ferries,, I used to ride on them all the time in Washington State, to get around the San Juan Islands and Puget sound. Great ways to travel.

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