Bored Now

It’s debate time. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Last night, in my neverending quest to earn the “objects in this office are procrastinating more than they appear” award from Car and Driver Magazine, I decided I’d go looking for models. I’d bought the 840 page mega Vogue, expecting a couple hours of joy-joy shiny things and at least one Marc Jacobs male model to die for.

De-NIED. I was so annoyed. Not one shiny thing of note, and aside from one blurry background, side-long shot of a semi-interesting looking Marc Jacobs model, I got absolutely nothing out of what might have been a perfectly enjoyable and accidentally fruitful procrastination session.

But then I got to thinking. Sometimes, having a model for a character works for me. Sometimes, a visual is too rigid or restrictive and does more harm than good.

So, question: Do models work for you? Not work for you? I’m curious to see if I’m the only one it only helps in certain cases.


2 Responses

  1. No piccies for me. It’s agony when I have to find them come cover spec sheet time…. Pics pin characters down too much.

    But you expected me to say that, right?


  2. I’m torn. I usually develop the character, then stumble onto pictures and go… omg, it’s *insert character name here*.

    But I have to say I don’t pic a “model” (i.e. actor, musician, person) as the character–just a picture, cuz seeing that person with different hair, expression, clothes just might ruin it all.

    Not picky or nuthin’.

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