You Know You Have Story Issues When…

Well, let’s be honest. The header really should be “You might be a way-too-analytical writer obsessed with a story issue if…”

  1. :wtf: You search the whole house for the cable-box remote. Give up the search as futile, head to laundry room to empty the dryer (which, as it turns out, you’d forgotten to start in the first place), and find the remote on the dryer, right where you left it.
  2. :indif: You search your room and office for a pony-tail holder because your hair’s driving you nuts while you stare aimlessly at the index-card outline. Give up another search as futile, head to refrigerator for diet caffeine, and find a pony-tail holder sitting on the bottom shelf for no apparent reason. And you take this as a good sign that diet caffeine will solve the problem.
  3. :freak: You would rather take three hyper children to have their hair cut (70 miles roundtrip) than stare aimlessly at the index-card outline.
  4. :help!: You have a long, involved conversation with hubby via instant messenger about the effect of fire on GPS tracking devices and their power sources when you could’ve been teasing him about any number of things.
  5. :teef: Forget whether you’ve brushed your teeth. Brush teeth. Remember you just brushed teeth half an hour ago and got all mad because someone’s run off with the hand towel again (which you will no doubt find in some bizarre-yet-obvious place, right where you left it).
  6. 😳 Accidentally spike someone’s Froot Loops with diet dew, thinking you’d grabbed the milk.
  7. :bs: Re-do all index cards in outline because the headers look funny, certain it will make a difference. (Procrastinators unite…tomorrow)

6 Responses

  1. Where do I sign up for this procrastinators club?
    Oh wait,… I’m busy, but I’ll join tomorrow. :tease:

  2. Yeah, like Chapter Eighteen… :banghead: I have been looking at it, writing it for four days and the rat is only four pages long.The whole dangChapter i sonly projected at ten pages and I can’t get past four.
    I’ll fix it tomorrow maybe. I think today I’m going to work on Chapter Nineteen, or maybe I’ll clean the frig, but then again… :hemi:

  3. *points and laughs*

    (because I can. I spent the night on IM with friends thinking of erotic Christmas romance titles) :holybah:

  4. Um how about *starts another wip rather than actually PLOT the one she’s got*
    Not ME! It was just an author I knew who did that. Certainly not ME.
    *clears throat*
    Meanwhile, I sit with a blank piece of paper that contains the heading “Plot for Buried Illusions”
    And it’s still blank.


  5. lol

    Pretty sad bunch, we are. But hey, it’s better to look busy than feel busy, right?

  6. I’m just…. I’m just shaking my head here….

    Mel – Deck the Balls? Although maybe not with boughs of holly.

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