I really have nothing at all to say for myself. :bored: There isn’t much going on other than the Sven grind and all its inherent ups and downs.

Maybe we need a good, old-fashioned, wickedly irreverent limerick day. Or weekend, depending.

Topics: Sven, school starting, the writing grind. Whatever you want, really.

I’ll take a break later on and whip something up.

Meanwhile, entertain me, please. I need it. Desperately. :drama:


9 Responses

  1. There once was a slave driver named Sven
    Who like to hurt women and men
    He challenged them to write
    Every day and each night
    And drove them all over the bend


  2. *giggling* over the bend


  3. I can’t wait for my kids to start school
    they can be refreshed of the golden rule
    I’ll have eight hours to play
    with heroes and heroines all day
    with my butt in gear on a stool


  4. How, exactly, does one get one’s butt in gear? Is there like a clutch somewhere I don’t know about?

  5. There once was a book with no title
    that was making my brain stick in idle
    so I gave it some gas,
    dropped a match on its ass
    and rejoiced as it burned like a…

    Crap. I’ve been spending WAY too much time in Dominic’s POV.

  6. Okay. Sven’s turn, then I gotta get back to it. *wiggles fingers*

    There once was a demon named Sven
    who escaped from a federal pen.
    He might help you think
    but just don’t let him drink, or
    he’ll get himself busted again.

    I…don’t know what that was about. Sorry. I’ll go back under the desk now.

  7. Thank God for the Big Yellow Bus
    Who take off my boys with no fuss
    Now I can write
    Without so much fight
    And no one will hear when I cuss.

  8. Sven’s challenge I refused to take
    I’m not crazy for goodness sake
    Still I write and I type
    and ignore the Sven hype
    Those deadlines can jump in a lake.

    I can say that with a Neener neener, cuz I finished my story last night. whoo hoo. (It’s a novella length, but damn, still feels good! Take that Svengoolie!)

  9. >>How, exactly, does one get one’s butt in gear? Is there like a clutch somewhere I don’t know about?

    I don’t know, my mom always told us to get our butts in gear when we had to do something.

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