:freak: :holybah: :rant:

Our Internet was out yesterday for a REALLY, REALLY long time.

It was terrible. Truly awful. I just…can’t even talk about it.


Okay, maybe a little. It took four phone calls into the ISP, being put through various “we presume you’re a total moron and don’t know the difference between your modem and router” exercizes before one helpful man actually checked to see if our area had service.

And whattaya know? Whole town’s out of service. Something’s fried. Won’t be fixed for another couple hours.

Four phone calls before someone thought to check. Wouldn’t you think that’d be the first thing they’d do? :wtf:

But whatever. I blogged over here today. Come help, please.


4 Responses

  1. Somewhere along the line we have become dependent on a technology that didn’t even exist a short time ago. What happened? Who is responsible? I find my life very limited with no Internet. Sometimes I even have to resort to television, if I can find the remote.

  2. :teehee:

    /strokes modem

    My preeeeshus

  3. well this might look like a spam,, but it’s not really,, just my sigh didn’t show up on the other comment,,, soooo

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