I’m back. But having missed 2.5 days of work time, I have some serious Sven-butt-kissing to do.

How’s everyone’s weekend?


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  1. question???? have you decided on a name yet? I know I’m behind the power loop, but thought I would ask before offering my contributions,,,,

  2. Nah, I’m not completely sold on anything yet. Still pondering, as usual. :indif:

    You home yet?

  3. nope, not home yet. won’t be home till about 11 am your time tomorrow. Aug 7th for me who can’t remember what day it is. Okay toots, I consolidated 3 hours of name searches and came up with the following first names.
    I went through your parameters with the letters permitted and came as close as I could. Full 3 syllable name followed by nickname suggestions. I didn’t always stay with the nicknames that couldn’t start with a letter.
    And in some cases, *the country of origin* and #definition#…here ya go.

    B=Bettina–Ina, Bette, Bee, Tina(boring I know, but what the heck)
    E=Elinore–Elle, Nora, Ellie, Rea
    F=Francesca–Ces, Frankie, Fran, Cesca
    G=Gemmalynn–Gem, Lee
    I=Imogene–Ima, Gen, Mo, Genie
    M=Marina–Mary, Rina, Rye,
    N=Noralee–Nora, Lee, Nor
    O=Ophelia–Lia, Hel, Op, Fee
    Q=Quintra *Latin* #5th daughter or son#–Quin, Quit, Tra(phonetic tray)
    R=Ramona=Rae, Mona,
    S=SarahMae–Sara, Mae, Mas, Ram
    U=Ursula–*Scandinavian* # female version of Ursul-The Bear#–Sue, Bear, Sula
    V=Vimala–*Arabic* # Pure #–Vi, Mala, Mal,
    W=Winsome–Winnie, Win, Some (phonetic-sew-mee)
    X=Xylona*Greek* # from the forest#–Xy, Lona, Low,
    Y=Yelena *Russian* #Light from the Sun#– Yell, Lena,
    Z=Zephyrine *Greek* #Breeze; West Wind#– Zee, Rina, Rye

    So, there ya go from A to Z with a few missing letters and right now, my running favorite is Ophelia with the last name of Mansor. (phonetic-man-sore) Ophelia Mansor. I’ll send you some last names later. good luck.

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