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Alex has a problem. Throughout his very sketchy first act, his heroine is referred to as [h].

Help me out, here. I need it, since I’m burnt out on the name game.

Why am I burnt out on the name game? I had to dream up, rename a/o otherwise pull an entirely new cast out of my butt, courtesy of two people (whom I know and respect enough to listen to, even when I would really, really rather not) tossing a hissy over Jason’s fate.

Anyway, this chiquita needs a name. Without giving spoilers, the most I can tell you is the name needs to be lyrical/whimsical.

  1. First name 3 syllables, surname one, preferrably. Maybe two if the names go together well enough.
  2. First name can and probably should be abbreviatable. (is that even a word?)
  3. Neither the abbreviation nor the whole first name can start with an A, C, D, H, J, K, L, P, or T.
  4. Surname cannot begin nor end with k or ch sounds.
  5. Surname cannot begin with B, C, L, O, or T.

Picky enough for you? :wtf:

Oh, that reminds me. Tyrell still needs a last name. Same surname rules apply.

Go ahead, now. Let’r rip.


18 Responses

  1. Mariclaire Darley
    Tyrell Farmington

  2. Wow, those two people really sound like pains in the butt. :rofl2:

    And so many rules… :drama:


    Brain’s fried, so I’m just going to say I really like Jackie’s suggestion of Mariclaire. Mari.

    Love Jason. He’s the man. :flex:

  3. Isabel Jones (Iz)
    Samantha Ross (Sam)

    (These perameters are difficult to get around.)

    Tyrell Abbott

    Good luck!!

  4. I was totally going to blog something like this today because names are avoiding my feeble brain as well.

    Bellasara Mancilla–Bella :batlash:
    Savannah Sloane– Vanna, Van or Vanny
    Marissa–Issa or Rissa
    Victoria–Vic or Tory

    Tyrelle Jones
    Tyrelle Preston
    Tyrelle Hudson

  5. LMAO!!!! I HAVE to know – why the none of this and none of that but must have this or that?

    Tyrell Goodyear (Bwwahahahah – sorry, i’m probably the only person who thinks that is funny)

    Miranda – nickname Randi or Randa
    Surname – Holling or Howington (of THE Howingtons)

    that’s the best yer gonna get outta me – it’s hard to guess a suitable character name without knowing the character.

  6. lol Mancilla-Bella

    Okay, top contenders so far:

    And I was thinking about Marianna as an offshoot of Mariclaire

    (Isabel we can’t touch for reasons I won’t get into :angel)

    Restrictions are for reader-friendly reasons. Makes names easier to tell apart for those of us who read so dang much we pretty much only reference it without really reading it.

    Of course, there’re always characters who arrive to announce “that’s my name, so pffffththttt” but otherwise, I tend to be ruthlessly picky about it. No wonder I get burnt out, eh?

    And of course x2, when it’s time to work on Alex exclusively, [h] will no doubt have something to say on the matter. Sadly, all I know about her so far is:

    1) she likes shiny things more than she likes people
    2) she’s returned home to find a total stranger dead in her kitchen
    3) she is really, really not happy to find a dead stranger in her kitchen
    4) she is quite anxious about the very polite but intense Alex attempting to be inconspicuous at the crime scene, staking claim to dead stranger.

    So, not a lot of help there, Rhi. Sorry.

    And… It looks as though Tyrell’s gonna be the harder of the two to pin down. “Watson” keeps cropping up, but I’m not sure why.

  7. >>And… It looks as though Tyrell’s gonna be the harder of the two to pin down. “Watson” keeps cropping up, but I’m not sure why.

    If Alex is his “Sherlock” that might work. Watson, that is.

  8. i like Savannah alot too. I’ve been calling “our” Savannah (from Savannah) Savi for short which I’ve never heard anyone else use before.

    IMO – Tyrell Watson doesn’t phonetically flow as well as Tyrell Watkins- maybe because the harsher last syllable inflection balances his first name?

    And yeah – i played phonetic rhythm games when I named my boys! These things are important ya know.

  9. How about Beulah- Bee for short? Or Ida (Ida Clair?) Or Evangaline? Or Frederica? Genevieve? Georgiana (Georgie for short)? Gwendolyn?
    That’s all I’ve got. Good luck on the last names. :holybah:

  10. I’m behind the power loop here, because i have been on vacation in the exotic locales of Northern Africa, communing with the past Pharoahs and such. I just want to say thanks to all who contributed to the name game, seeing as how it’s usually me, at 3 am armed only with my 35,000 baby name book. And everytime I pull out that book, hubby gives me the look only hubby’s can manage, and asks if there is something he needs to know. You would think that after all these years with Emma and company that he would know the answer to that one. Then again, he still asks the dumbest guy question after 384 months of marriage. Why are you so pissy today? I get back tomorrow,,, seeeeeya

  11. /hands Eduardo a :tissue:

  12. just came across this site but how about

    Maricella Louisa Mercal, Marci or just Maricella Mercal (actually one of my children’s first & middle name Maricella Louisa names) Of course this would be pronounce the spanish way not are my mom doe mary cell a

    Tyrell Merchand?
    Tyrell Kane

  13. /brows up

    I like both Merchand and Kane.

    Decisions decisions…

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