Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. :faint: Taking a break from the net can be really, really fun.
  2. :freak: Except when you spend some of it in the ER.
  3. :bic-hok: Sven will not be ignored, no matter where you are.
  4. :karate: LucasArts/Bioware’s Knights Of The Old Republic™ is still the best. game. ever.
  5. :flex: It’s all over once I get Force Wave and Stasis Field.
  6. :teehee: Selkath make a truly disgusting popping sound when killed by Force Wave. Not to be missed.
  7. :holybah: There are times when a nine-year-old with a cellphone can be quite trying (see #2)

[No :freak:ing necessary. Just had child #1 in to rule out mono and strep. She’s a bit better today, so everything’s cool.]

I hope everyone had a great weekend :hug:


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