Get thee to the Romantic Suspense Blog for a chance to win a copy of The Living Legend!

Sorry this is such a hit-and-run.

Phenomenal cosmic workload :supah:
itty bitty playtime :freak:.

Oh, and Dayna, love of my life, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to put up with me tackle hugging you someday, at some conference somewhere.

It won’t hurt.


At least not the first time.


7 Responses

  1. lol I’m just glad you’ve accepted my pseudo-stalkeresqueness in the spirit with which it’s intended 🙂 I put that page up almost soon’s I finished, and simply haven’t read anything to knock it down into the archives yet. Til a conference this: :hug: will have to do 🙂

  2. Dayna, ask her if Jason’s book is done yet.

    She calls me bad names when I ask her, so it’s somebody else’s turn. 😉

  3. He only has .5% of a plot. Bit of a problem, there.

    Reminds me I’m getting quite tired of seeing [h] in Alex’s first act where the heroine’s name should be.

    I sense a new post coming on…

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