I have the most EARTH-SHATTERING news! You’re never, ever gonna believe this in a million years!

I added new smilies. (And yes, you can start killing on me now.)

:sumo: Oh come on. I’ve always needed this one.

:moo: You know how it is.

:teehee: A must have.

:batlash: My one true skill.

:bs: Saw it, had to have it.


10 Responses

  1. I want some
    I love :banghead: :yeyas: :holybah:
    *going smilie hunting* Darn you

  2. lol :sumo:

  3. :moo:

  4. :popcorn:

  5. I have reached the epitome of smiley insults,, I have had a cow !!!
    I need the bs one for a certain dork to be named later and traded in for two 25 year olds and a boar hunt.

  6. :ptalol:

    Poor wingman.

  7. :hmm: :yeyas:

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