Dude? Where’s my TT?


Sorry. Between Sven, the free read, and site restructuring, I’ve worked 32 hours of the last 48.


An den there will be no TT this week, capisce?


No. No an’ den.


Listen, lady —


We’ll let the delirium exhibited in this post speak for the state of my braincell, shall we? God, do I need a nap.



4 Responses

  1. :anden: You came to my blog to remind me about TT. :anden: You didn’t do one. :anden: I see that YOU got to read HP7 and I didn’t. :anden: :karate:



  2. Hey dude* where’s your TT? 😉

    * Please note as a citizen of the United Kingdom thats probably the first time I’ve used Dude outside the context of a song lyric (Dude looks like a lady) or a film title…

  3. I will never forgive myself for the phrase that just popped into my head RE: your use of “dude”.


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