I See Bad People

Okay, as I’m sitting here completely freaked out from the Valerie Bertenelli Jenny Craig commercial…

What is the deal with TV? Or rather, what is my problem?

Of all the shows I’ve seen in…forever, the only two I like are House and now Amazing Grace.

The common denominator is “bad” protags. Of course, they’re not really bad, but…

Now I’m afraid that with “bad” being the trend, every show is gonna be about bad people and it’ll start to suck.

Cynical, much?

Anyway, did you watch Grace? What did you think?


5 Responses

  1. I haven’t seen Amazing Grace, but I love House! I just got into it last month when I bought season one and two on DVD. I can’t wait for season three to come out in August.

    Battlestar Galatica has a great “bad” character in Col. Ty. He’s a crusty old bugger, but I love him.

  2. muahahahaha. I’ve found your blog.

    Let the stalking begin…

    or rather, the mad fan-crazed hounding for the next Sanction book.

    So. How’s it going? Are you done yet?
    How about now?


    *sigh* Haven’t seen Amazing Grace…I’ll have to look for it. I love House, though I don’t schedule time for it, I just like to catch it when it’s one. Hubby bought me season one of Dead LIke me…I think we’ll watch it in the evenings next month…

  3. There is something to be said for AFN (Armed Forces Network) and their no-commercial policy. I don’t have to be subjected to Jenny Craig or Valerie Bertinelli or Kirsty Alley or Elliot Gould or other fat famous folk. I just get to hear about my power of attorney and other spots on housing and military life. Yeah, novel concept there. Only been doing that for 32 years. The downside to AFN is, we don’t get Amazing Grace.

  4. Okay, first? I shouldn’t post while tired. It’s “Saving Grace”, not “Amazing Grace” :banghead:

    Second, Ms d’Abo… I’mma say it again. Tolja :teehee:

    Third, Miss Dayna, no, I’m not done yet. I’m tryin. And how bad is it I haven’t even heard of “Dead Like Me”?

    Fourth, Lise, you lucky, no-commercial having :moo:

  5. Emma, Dead Like Me features a group of Grim Reapers going about their jobs. Their leader (Mandy Patinkin) hands out their assignments on yellow sticky notes. It’s dark humour at its best.

    I googled Saving Grace and will have to look for it. I’m a sucker for cop shows.

    You, however, have no more time for TV, cuz I need me a book :gowrite:

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