Magic Svenzyme, please

Forgot one small thing in my as-yet-un-caffeinated fuzzle.

Before clicking this Samhain Weblog link, you must solemnly swear you’re up to no good.

:whine: God, I’m gonna miss Fred and George Weasley.

:lurve: They were always my favorites.

:freak: And I just found out Deathly Hallows is being shipped UPS.

:tissue: Which doesn’t :censor:-ing deliver here on Saturdays.

:rant: I am most displeased.

:drama: Not that it matters. I’ll be gone most of the weekend.

:pout: Couldn’t read Harry even if I wanted to.

:karate: God help anyone who drops a spoiler on me before I have a chance to read it myself.

Now, what was I talking about, again?

Oh yes. Repeat after me. I solemnly swear I am up to no good.


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