Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. :whine: “It’s not the writing I like so much as having written”… Yeah. What she said. Exactly.
  2. :drama: There are moments where not even I can handle how uptight I am about writing.
  3. :tissue: Grass pollen is evil. Say it with me now. Eeeeve-ill.
  4. :dunno: Abuse of the Sven graphic could easily become my new favorite pastime.


8 Responses

  1. OMG you made Sven creepy!! I love it. :teef:

  2. LOLOL–awesome Sven pic…and TOTALLY good call–I love having written, too!!!

  3. OMG! You’ve done great work. Lots of words there. And I love the graphic. Ditto on the grass pollen.


  4. I see an “Abuse Sven” contest in our very near future.

    Some good, clean fun. :angel

  5. Can’t you just call it procrastination and slap a guilty sticker on your forehead?

    I’ll be online tonight, with the tazer fired up and ready to go…..

  6. Stop picking on me. I had Sven in a headlock by 7 am this morning, so I can screw around all I want.

    Too bad I have to work on fixing every. damn. container. on my website instead of running amok.

  7. holy hell – i want a Sven like that! How freaking appropriate. You are my hero Emma.

  8. Right-click away, mon ami

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