Thursday 13 #18

ThirteenFourteen Fantasies

Oh, the interesting things found in the depths of old document files…

I have tiers of folders in Word, some of them older than dirt, transferred from ‘puter to ‘puter over the years. While digging around looking for an old WIP.doc, I ran across this list I’m about to share.

I’ve no idea where it came from. All the document says across the top is “Basic Female Romantic Fantasies”. The mystery of its origin bugs me still, and some of the descriptions are a bit cryptic. But I thought the list itself was kinda interesting, and with all the writing workshops going on, I figured why not.

So here’s this list of Fourteen Basic Female Romantic Fantasies:

  1. The Cowboy Hero is strong, independent, follows a code of honor. His appeal is security and protection.
  2. The Vampire Mystical, timeless draw between the Hero and Heroine. Mostly reserved
    for paranormal.
  3. Kidnapping The kidnapped and the captor. Even better if he’s foreign.
  4. Gamble With Fate Heroine must put fate in hands of a dangerous male. They go on a journey, not sure if she can trust him. ie. Romancing the Stone.
  5. The Outlaw/Rebel Hero lives by his own rules. Hero and Heroine against the world.
  6. Marriage of Convenience Married to stranger, arranged marriage.
  7. The Guardian The Guardian tasting the Forbidden Fruit (heroine).
  8. The Princess and the Barbarian Opposite side of the tracks. Two people who’d never choose to be together.
  9. The Governess Hero and Heroine professionally related. Relationship must be strictly business.
  10. The Secret Baby Bond as family to protect new life.
  11. Cinderella Love in disguise, heroine pretending to be someone else. Ugly duckling.
  12. Beauty and the Beast Heroine must face and tame the Hero.
  13. Taming of the Shrew Hero has the responsibility of making it work.
  14. Man From The Past Secret past between Heroine and Hero.

Seems a pretty comprehensive list. Can anyone offer up any others?

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4 Responses

  1. Ahem. Where’s the rock star? The sensitive, struggling musician? The roadie poet? The music critics?

    Oh, yeah. All at my place. *grin*

    No, seriously. No rock star???

  2. Mmmm I’d say Outlaw/Rebel for Rock star.

    Or in my case where your characters are concerned, ex-boyfriend 😉

  3. I love the Beauty and the Beast stories. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been drawn to that dark, wounded hero.

  4. Looks to be a list thats been developed from Jungs archetypes. Very interesting 🙂

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