A Thank You Post For…

Julia James, Harlequin Presents Author, RE: the following:

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The Italian’s Token Wife

Julia, Julia, Julia. You’ve forced me to make a public spectacle here in Emmatyville over this book.

This was one of a metric ton my mother sent me home with a few weekends ago. Seriously. Six shopping bags full of romances. With so many to choose from, you can imagine how picky I’ve been.

If a book doesn’t snag me by the second sentence, the offender gets flung over my shoulder into the “later, when I’m a bit more desperate” heap.

But this one… You had me at “What the hell do you mean, you won’t sign?”

I do love a good despicable bastard hero, you know, and Rafaello was certainly that, to start. As for Magda, I defy anyone to produce a Cinderella I’d like better.

There were some scenes in particular where she was so believable I was mimicking her actions as I read. The first, really, was the entire “this man is starkers” sequence. The second was the bit with Raf’s father in the hallway. You know the one I’m talking about. Afterwards, when she’s in her room with Ben, I was clutching my poor, hapless cat with all my might, reeling right along with Magda.

The best one, however, and the scene that’s won you a gushing fangirl for life was at the dinner table with Raf’s uncle. The regality, the sheer Jane Eyre-iness of that scene just rocked my world.

And the first love scene… Lord. Have. Mercy.

So despite the fact I’m still harboring nearly 170 unread Harlequins at this moment, you can bet your entire ouevre will soon be winging its way into my anxious little hands. (All right, there are some Kate Walkers I’ve stashed for delayed-gratification goodliness that will almost certainly beat you out a time or two, but still.)

At any rate, thank you. This book was a rare pleasure for me, Ms. Bronte — er, James. Please keep them coming.


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