Confessions of a Madhouse Wife


I will not confess to how many romances I read yesterday. Only that I’d read a few before the kids drove me so bonkers I took them to the lake.

One while at the lake.

One while making dinner and refereeing many a battle over the kids’ computer.

And several more after the younger two warriors passed out.

Today I plan to catch up on some eBooks in between bouts of ferrying children one place or another in hundred-degree (F) heat.

Or at least I hope so. My allergies are off the charts — no doubt because one of the cats slept practically on my face last night, inflating my sinuses to epic proportions — so I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to bear the computer monitor.

Wish me luck. And go read. Preferrably The Living Legend, if you please.


One Response

  1. HUGS Emma! I really wanted to do some reading yesterday. Instead, I ended up at the hospital with my oldest getting stitches in her knee.


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