Want to know a good way to drive yourself mad?

Obsess about promotion. Agonize over plots. And of course, try to do everything at once until your braincell feels like a much-abused pinball, thus ensuring you get absolutely nothing accomplished.

Normally, I’m smart enough to avoid reaching this point. But… overestimating one’s intelligence is never a good idea, right?

So I’m doing the wise (and merciful) thing by taking an enforced reading break over the weekend. If you should catch me working, slap me. Hard.


3 Responses

  1. Enjoy reading! I need to have another weekend like that soon…

  2. Happy reading! If you need some good stuff, feel free to peruse what I’ve got available. I’ll be glad to share!

  3. ROFL–isn’t that the way it goes? ENJOY YOUR BREAK! Go read–recharge your batteries!!!

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