The Morning After

Amidst a very unglamorous night duking it out with another pair of my imaginery friends, the contest drawing was held.

One of the munchkins dug his KoolAid-stained — or at least I HOPE that’s KoolAid — fingers into the infamous Elmer Fudd hat three times to pick the winners.

:yeyas: :yeyas: :yeyas:

Congratulations to Tessa Bamberg, PamK, and Rhon!

I’ll be e-mailing you later (after massive doses of caffeine), but if you catch this before my braincell’s been fueled for the day, go ahead and email me first: emma AT emmawayneporter DOT com. Let me know which format you prefer, and I’ll send those babies off at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you, everyone who entered, and thanks again to everyone who contributed to the book.

All right. So that done, my agenda for the day is cleaning, writing, laundry, cleaning, writing, changing catboxes, cleaning, writing, laundry, a little cleaning, some more laundry, cleaning and a lot of writing. :freak:

Sounds exciting, I know. I’ll try to tone it down to some cleaning, laundry, and writing tomorrow. :tpoccy:

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations again Emma! I can’t wait to read it. *looks at her TBR pile* :yeyas:

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