Caveat Broadband

What’s worse than three kids wired-up on KoolAid?

Having no Internet.

Our broadband’s gone haywire. No signal for hours at a stretch, so my attendance until they can figure out what’s wrong may be spotty.

Pray for the next service rep who tells me, “It’s your equipment, not ours.” I’ve heard this one before. They’ve been proven wrong twice already. You’d think they’d learn.

/profound sigh.

Anyway, God and broadband willing, the contest for free downloads of THE LIVING LEGEND shall commence Wednesday.

See you then!

3 Responses

  1. Oh I HATE when my Internet goes down. My email OCD gets down right buggy . I hope they fix it for you soon. :banghead:

  2. :censor: ing internet….

  3. Oh noes! Invasion of the husband!

    Everyone hide!


    I’m kidding. :lurve:

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