Things I Learned This Weekend

  1. :whine:The secret “fun” book you cheat on your “real” projects with only remains fun until you realize how big the plot holes are.
  2. :yeyas:Family reunions make children sleep the clock around afterwards.
  3. :wtf:Javascript is even more incomprehensible than CSS.
  4. :feint:Do not leave ladders near bathroom doors. It will only bring the cat who wants to be fed directly to your eye level.
  5. :whine:Computer towers put out more BTUs than the average furnace. (Gawd it’s hot in here)
  6. :whine:Do not name characters Simon unless you really, really like action tags.
  7. :karate:Taking a time out to write a stress-relief scene in which you torture uncooperative characters in creative and excruciating ways is not the most productive use of time.

One Response

  1. Our office can double as an oven with all of the computers in it. I usually come down in my shorts and t-shirt. :banghead:

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