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by Shannon Stacey
Click image for blurb and excerpt
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/wiping nails on collar, looking snotty and smug

I already got to read this in draft form. And by the time this posts, I will have the eRelease for my own to keep for always.

You don’t have to merely wish you were me. You can have it for your very own, too. Seriously. You can!

All frivolity aside, this is a smart, witty, well-written read. It kept me up several hours past bedtime, and nothing — I mean nothing — gets between me and sleep.

Enjoy. I did.


4 Responses

  1. I’ll have to check it out. You’ve been tagged for a meme! Please visit my post – no pressure – for instructions. Thanks! :tease:

  2. :thanks: :anden: :hug: :anden: :flowers: :anden: :lurve:…

    It’s like a smilie hallmark store!

    But you rock, and you also kept me from :feint: :anden: :banghead: :anden: :tease:

  3. […] The Excerpt. Taming Eliza Jane is Funny. Laugh out loud Funny. Jaci Burton thinks so, and so does Emma Wayne Porter! […]

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