Thursday Thirteen #14

Thirteen Favorite Lines from The Living Legend
The Living Legend releases the 26th of this month. And since I’m proofing the final version (for the 17th time) I thought I’d pick out 13 lines I wasn’t thoroughly sick of yet. 😉

  1. [Jack]: “There is no other way. The clock is ticking. And I can’t believe I’m hearing this from you, the living legend.”
    [Patrick]: “Soon to be a proper dead one if I do what you’re suggesting.”
  2. Normally such a case would be tagged self-defense or mercifully brushed under the carpet, and this one would have been, too, if Tina hadn’t shot him twelve times, stopped to reload, and emptied another clip into him. Twice.
  3. “No idea who coded the signal encryption system but it’s so tizz-ight I think I might have cried a little.”
  4. In her more realistic moments, she’d known Patrick was no Prince Charming. He was more like the Prince of Darkness, and it would have been hard to miss the obvious.
  5. Not the most trusting soul ever, he’d tested her in every way possible, always expecting to discover she was very much an Ormond underneath that shiny Crawford polish.
  6. It didn’t matter why she’d lied. He already had a fairly good idea, and he’d give her just enough rope to hang herself.
  7. “Over the years I’ve decided it would be easier to keep water dry than to keep Patrick out of trouble.”
  8. “This is your show, Patrick. Don’t let me down.”
  9. “But take care of her, Trick. Or Arthur will snap your neck right after he kills Ormond. And I’ll let him. I might even help.”
  10. “Love is blind. Unfortunately, it still has nerve endings.”
  11. Such a pretty little thing, but so mean. Perfect for him, quite frankly.
  12. “Would you like to step outside?” Patrick asked.
    [Alex]: “More than you know.”
  13. “Jason, I want you to listen to me. Very carefully. If you don’t tell me, I swear they will need a mop to clean your remains out of this hallway after I’m through with you.”

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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26 Responses

  1. Love that bit about the shooting… I don’t think I’d get tired of that line, either.

    Best of luck with the edits, Emmy. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing!

  2. I like Tina already. :cheer:

  3. Trick….. *drool*


  4. I love #4! This sounds awesome, I can’t wait to read it!

  5. Oooh, nice teasing! #2 cracked me up, and I’m thinking #10 would be great on a T-shirt.

    Good luck!

  6. I like #3 LOL!

  7. Best of luck with your edits! And I enjoyed your lines. Great job!

    Hee, you asked in your comment on my TT how I come up with topics — hee, it’s hard sometimes! Actually for the last few weeks I’ve been battling a case of Blogger’s Block. I’ve heard that happens from time to time blogging over the long term so hopefully it’ll pass soon, like a bad clam. 🙂

    Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!

  8. This book sounds so suspenseful!

  9. “Love is blind. Unfortunately, it still has nerve endings.”
    heh. excellent! i’ll post pimpage of this on saturday with the other upcoming books.

  10. I absolutely positively adore Number 10!!! That’s a great list!

  11. OOOOOH! Okay, that’s a great list. I love the excerpts!!!

  12. 2,3 & 10 rock. I want this book.

  13. #3 has me intrigued

  14. So why haven’t I been here before? Looks like a fun book to read. Have fun with those edits.

    But of course you will want to write a limerick, it would be tempting to have a naughty category….LOL Thanks for stopping by.

  15. LOL, and I could have come up with another 13. :notwrthy:

  16. Thanks for coming by, everybody.

    We’re having crap weather (tornado watch, etc) so I’ll back later to run amok through comments.

    Happy TT!

  17. Hi, I particularly liked Number 2! Sounds like a great read

  18. Sounds, ummm……….. violent, umhmm.

  19. Good luck on those edits–may you get through them fast 🙂

  20. #11 is my fave! This TT was a great idea. I really got a sense of your voice and the characters through 13 snippets. It’s like a text version of a movie trailer.

  21. I’m hooked. Thanks for stopping by. Great idea for a TT. Have a great weekend, XINE

  22. My vote is definately for number 10!!

    Congrats on your upcoming release.

  23. Another book added to my wishlist. I can’t keep up with all the releases lately! 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my Google TT!

  24. Finding words you can still read and love at this stage of editing is certainly an accomplishment!

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