We Done Did It Now

It was my day to post over at The Romantic Suspense Blog today.

And let me tell you a story. I had this idea for a silly post using a plot generator, but when I went to snag the addy for it, turns out the site’s been yanked.


So, I had no topic. And of course, went whining to Mel and Shan for one.

You’ll have to go witness the spectacle for yourselves.


2 Responses

  1. :ptalol:

    Actually, I think I IM’d you and got yanked into it and then poor Shan came along. But you were skeered to enlist her help. I understand why, now. I felt like I’d done a thousand sit ups after that brainstorming idea.

    Sometimes it’s not a bad reminder to remember that when the hero is talking, he should SOUND like a hero, not a ….oh, go read the blog.

  2. Ooooh no. You peeenched me, remember?

    But yeah. I was afraid to ask Shan about a topic cuz I thought she’d shoot us in the face. Oddly, she didn’t, but she DID start the “Why Disney World Would Suck for An Action Scene” or something or other and there were lens caps, vomit, and slow carts involved. Oh, and It’s a Small World.

    Dang… How do you manage always to be blameless? I KNOW this is somehow your fault.

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